You Are Worth Your Time

How many times do you feel obligated to say yes? This could be to family, friends, co-workers, bosses, significant others, etc. Saying yes makes you feel like you’re the dependable one, you’re the go to guy or girl, you’re THE PERSON people can always count on, and that makes you feel well, good! Saying yes is good, being there for others is great, but often we say yes to others and forget to say yes to ourselves.
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Tilapia + Black Bean Salad FTW

What has omega 3s, is a good source of protein, boosts metabolism, and helps with weight loss? Well, if you couldn’t tell from the headline you better start fishing around for an answer! I’m going to give you the scoop on my go to, had a long day, need a quick bite, perfect for after the gym meal I made last night.

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I Survived the Whole30!

I didn’t know January Whole30 was going to be as big as it was until I had actually started. I had done my fair share of telling myself I wasn’t ready to stop putting sugar in my coffee and start reading what was actually in my food. I knew there was way too much food in my diet for me to cut out and go cold turkey, but I had been wanting to do this for such a long time so I started somewhere. And that somewhere was exactly where I was, in that moment, at that time.


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Lettuce Eat

I’m back, and hopefully better. Lots of things have changed since you’ve last heard from me and I’m here to share, share, share!

But first, lettuce talk about something much more important – this salad I made after Pilates.

Best thing about it was the flavor. Second best thing was the time it took to make it because well, we all need as much of that as possible.


I’ve started using canned chicken and I canned believe I have just been passing this under-glorified gift from God in the grocery store. It was made for those quick salads when you need that added protein. Let’s just say I now buy these from Sam’s Club and am never turning back. To cook it, I just drain the water, throw it on the stove with some olive oil, add some salt+pepper, and wait until it browns. THAT’S IT. Makes life exponentially easier and salads more tasteful and impressive.

While my chicken was browning, I grabbed a bag of pre-made salad (told you, super lazy), cut up 2 roma tomatoes, purple onion, cucumber, celery, cilantro for the fresh Mediterranean zing, a boiled egg, mashed avocado, a handful of almonds, crushed pecans, and some raisins.

Salads truly can be fulfilling and don’t have to be complicated like your Starbucks orders. Every meal you make does not have to be fancy or expensive to be flavorful and healthy, so leave your excuses at the door and make it work! YOU GOT THIS!

-Bag of pre made salad
-organic or no sugar added canned chicken breasts
-2 roma tomatoes
-2 stalks of celery
-half and avocado
-half a cucumber
-half of a bunch of cilantro
-1/4  of a small chopped purple onion
-boiled eggs (I boil mine at the beginning of the week)
-sea salted almonds
-crushed pecans
-Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Ranch

Guilt FREE lasagna that’s also EASY to make!!

My mother’s lasagna has always been my favorite! It’s delicious, feeds by the 5,000s, and the leftovers always have my coworkers asking what I’m eating. Now I want to be legendary and have my own recipe for lasagna and as you all know I love a challenge, so I’m trying to make my own lasagna that’s not only delicious but also healthy! So, do you think I can do it? If you doubted me, I hope you’re pleasantly surprised!

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Getting it Right!

Sometimes you have something but don’t know all that it’s capable of. That is exactly what happened with my Polar A300 watch. Ladies and Gents, I’ve had this watch for at least 3 months and haven’t come close to taking advantage of all that it has to offer. Now that I do know, it feels like I have a brand new watch that is literally like the workout buddy I never had. Let me tell you about my new best friend, and the incredible story behind our friendship.

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