From the Grocery Store to your Kitchen

The mother of all grocery tips: Shop only the perimeter of the grocery store. This will help keep your cart full of fresh, clean, REAL food.

My favorite leafy greens:
Spinach- 7 cal/cup
Kale- 33 cal/cup
Turnip Greens- 57 cal/cup
Mustard Greens- 21 cal/cup
No iceberg lettuce-just don’t do. Its lacks in nutrients, and I don’t want you to lack in anything! Unless it’s your only option, (and there’s always another option) so choose another leafy green.

Water tip: Whatever you weigh divide it by two, and try to get that many ounces of water in daily. I’m not sure if this is the most precise method, (*disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist) but it’s my quick and easy way to calculate what to put in my body. I take my Camelbak or Nalgene bottle with me wherever I go.(Literally, wherever)

Breakfast Tips:
-Oatmeal, every day: Add fruit, peanut butter, chocolate chips, or granola for flavor. If you get an already flavored oatmeal, be sure to check the sugar and calories!
-Greek Yogurt (Fage 0% is like no other) 23g of protein per cup so it will also keep you full longer ❤ (Yes, I put a heart for greek yogurt)
-2-3 Scrambled Eggs (no salt)/add a fruit.
-Special K cereal/add a fruit

“I need a snack” ideas
-Romaine Lettuce wrapped with turkey and cheese
-Fruits-Tomatoes and feta cheese
-Carrots and Hummus
-String Cheese
-Greek Yogurt

Tip: sprinkle 2 tbsp. of flaxseed on top of any of your foods to get your daily dose of omega 3- fatty acids. It’s also very high in fiber which is great for your digestive system.

Lunch & Dinner Tips
-About 25% of your plate should be protein
-Baked and Grilled meats only
-Seafood and White Meat are both low in fat (When purchasing beef get LEAN!)
-Vegetable and fruits should be 50% of your plate with more vegetables than fruits.
-About 25% should be complex carbs (brown rice, wheat pasta, sweet potatoes, quinoa)
-Eat until you’re full not until you’re bloated. Common mistake I use to make which really made me a slow mover at work.

Pay attention to your calories, sugar, and carbohydrate intake. I use stevia instead of sugar, which helps me out a lot, and is a much healthier substitution than Splenda. Keep a food journal or get an app that will keep up with what you’re eating. A great website that can give you an idea on how many calories you need is posted at the bottom. It’s perfect because you can set a goal weight for yourself and get an exact number. Remember you choose your body! Make it a great one!


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