Beer: The Good, The, Bad, The Good Again

While drinking a cold one may be deemed as bad for your health, I’ve heard plenty of good things as well. Since it’s summer time, I keep finding a beer in my hand and constantly have those calories on my mind, but is everything about beer that awful? I mean its been around since the beginning of time, right? Okay, so if you’re trying to lose weight, beer might not be the most viable option but a couple drinks a week may not be the death of your health kick. Research shows that beer and wine have the same amount of antioxidants. Crazy I know, so don’t down your partner for not being so classy! Unfortunately, we also must face the fact that if you have too many of those beers that they might start to show around your midsection so be careful with consumption. Surprisingly, beer has little to no fat in it, but consuming too much alcohol slows your body’s ability to burn fat so drink in moderation. If you’re out with your friends, drink smart. Drinking one 12oz. Michelob Ultra is 90 calories while one Stella Artois is 154 calories so go light! If you’re dieting don’t hesitate to get water; its not always worth that guilty feeling afterward. Beer can also dehydrate your body so H2O is always a go if you think you’ve had too many. Beer can be your friend just drink responsibly!



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