Miracle soap!!

I’ve bought my fair share of facial cleansers and never really thought they served a purpose other than a simple wash. Recently, I have been wooed by a random purchase and just had to share! I’ve been breaking out and was trying everything from astringents to masks trying to clear my face, but it just would NOT go away.  I purchased this organic African Black Soap from the farmers market which literally was just a brown bar wrapped in seran wrap. First, I was a little skeptical, but I figured it was less than five dollars and anything was worth trying at that price. Getting to thepoint, right after I washed my face with it, it felt like my skin was getting tighter and my face cleared up in less than a week! African black soap has tons of vitamins A and E which is great for your skin and collagen which is what gave me the tightening feeling. I had tried a lot of face washes spending a pretty penny trying to get my new little friends on my face to go away but I highly recommend this stuff to anyone having acne or blemishes; you can also use it as a body wash if you prefer. It doesn’t have the harmful chemicals found in soaps and face washes and its my little miracle soap. I also followed up with Cerave face lotion, to make sure my face stayed hydrated! Highly recommend!



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