To Agree or Disagree..

Disagreements.We all have them, but how we deal with them is almost never the same. Reactions change based on emotions, people involved, your level of interest, even the mood you’re in that day, but should that really be the case? Remaining level headed no matter the situation should always be a priority.
People that analyze not only issues but look deeper into the person, what they’re going through, and seeing their perspective, show that they value the relationship more than the arguement. Taking the time out to change your perspective helps you understand that person, types of people, and even yourself.

How in the hell can someone who you’re having an argument with teach you anything about yourself? Remember, there is always more to learn about you. Self reflection is something you should do daily. Whether it’s what or why things make you tick, how you respond in different situations, or how you can actually learn something from someone else (yes, you can do this). Pay close attention to the things you do. These are the only things you can control.

This sounds like common sense the more I think about it, but I’ve seen it become a very hard skill to master. Ultimately, you will need to put your own views on the back burner. Too often are people planning their attack instead of actually being present in a disagreement; leading to more frustration and misunderstandings. Stop hearing and listen. It is hard when you’re riled up in your own ingenious, but it is worth it. Figure out the root of your problem and if it starts to get out of hand, take yourself out of the situation.
Always think of the outcome you’re hoping for. People who don’t know what they want won’t receive it. If you’re asking someone to start making their bed explain why that’s important. Don’t start calling them messy or start talking about how dirty their bathroom is. That is not helping you’re outcome. Be calm. Be understanding. Be present.


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