Toasting for Dinner

Yesterday, I had a serious craving for avocado. I was also really hungry but didn’t feel like cooking (which is usually how it works). It’s really important to not fall in what I’d like to call the microwave oven trap. When you’re lazy in the kitchen, and you throw away all the hard work you put in at the gym. Really try to avoid the sodium filled minute to microwave meals, and do the best you can with eating fresh, REAL food. Two pieces of toast with everything I put on it surprisingly filled me up and was absolutely delicious!

I grabbed some bread and started digging through my fridge and made the fanciest dinner toast I’ve literally ever made.

Here’s what I found:
-Havarti Cheese (melted on top of the tomato)
-avocado (high in potassium and fiber, lowers blood sugar)
-one boiled egg
-baby arugula
-balsamic vinaigrette
-bebere or Cayenne Pepper



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