Polar Watch

Fitness watches are becoming the new “it thing.” People are wearing little bracelets all day, covered in cute designs, masking tiny devices that track every waking, and non-waking move. Long before the infamous Fitbit became so popular, I purchased a Polar Watch. A heart rate monitor that connects to a watch and tracks heart rate, calories burned, and the duration of a workout. If you’re thinking about getting one here are some pros and cons of the thing.

1. I can see and trust the heart rate since it has the actual heart rate monitor.

A lot of the new technology will tell you calories burned, but I really wonder if what they use to base it off of is accurate. Having the heart rate monitor makes me think that this is pretty accurate.

2. I trust the calories burned because it’s based on my heart rate.

Trust is pretty important. When it says I burned 800 calories, I believe it!

3. Basic Functions are useful during a workout.

Looking at how long I’ve been running, how many calories I’ve burned, or if my heart rate is too high is really useful. When I’m running or weight training I try to keep my heart rate in a specific range to make the most of my work out.

4. Two year warranty WITH RECEIPT.

The last two words are really important. My first one broke, and if I would have had the receipt, they would have sent me a brand new one for FREE. I still bought another one because I’m a pretty faithful customer and I honestly just love the thing.

5. W A T E R P R O O F!

I wore it when I went canoeing and when I flipped, it was still in great condition. Made for the outdoors and if I was stranded I’d know what time it is! 🙂

1. You have to wear the heart rate strap in order to see calories burned.

Although this makes me feel like it’s more accurate, it’s not as motivating throughout the day.

2. No food tracking

But there are PLENTY of free apps for that

3. Not as fashionable as the Fitbit. Fitbit has even partnered up with Tory Burch which was almost a deal breaker, until I though about the amount of fitness I would do wearing Tory Burch. Yeah, NOPE!


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