Job: The Book not the Workplace

“When the angels came to present themselves before the Lord, Satan came with them.” Job 1:6

I constantly find myself seeing only the good in good situations or bad in bad situations and not allowing myself to be completely cognizant of everything in front of me. It’s so important that we are aware when Satan has presented himself in our everyday life. “Like a son, Job made God proud.” Wait. Did you hear that? Job made God proud. I bet if Job were alive today he’d feel shocked to hear that. Although Job was righteous and upright how can THE God be proud of human flesh? That in itself blows my mind. Do you know what else I find as just completely beautiful? God defends Job. Which made me think where my relationship with Him was.

Do I know God well enough, or does He know me well enough to where he would defend me? In only the first chapter of Job, it discusses so many possessions. Everything can be taken so quickly, then what? If it’s all in Chapter One I doubt the time frame was that extended. Still in Chapter One, he loses his children. How often do we see ourselves saying a prayer like the one of Job’s? “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart.” All of the things he could have said and he still praises God without question, without understanding. Job deserved the opposite of what happens to him, but he chose to see things as he didn’t deserve any of the blessings he already had. Seriously, unshakeable faith. When something hits any of us hard, I pray that we, as Christians, have this type of unshakeable faith. The type where we’ve built a relationship with God so strong, that God himself has faith in us.


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