Winter Woes

It’s that time of the year again. Not only is there an entire day dedicated to eating just around the corner, but you’ll more than likely be around tempting foods for the remainder of the season. I’ve learned completely trying to avoid these foods can cause you to be anti-social and slightly miserable therefore, don’t. What do the we at EPI do to combat this seasonal high/low?

Know what you’re getting into. 

Chances are, when you’re invited out  you know what will be on the menu. Consider what they’ll be serving and if you should eat a little beforehand. If all of my friends are going out for something heavy at 8PM, and I know I’ll be calling it an early night, I’ll often eat a small plate at home, and get an appetizer and a glass of wine with my pals. Feeling prepared, in even the smallest ways helps you mentally and physically!

Water, Water, Water

One thing I’ve always noticed about my fitsporations is that they carry around bottles of water like they’re in the desert. I probably won’t ever be that person lugging around an entire gallon, mainly because it won’t fit in my backpack, but I do try to get water in as much as possible.Before breakfast, while at work, before dinner, etc. Anytime is a good time. The rule I’ve always followed is divide your weight in half and that’s how many ounces you should drink to cleanse your system. If you like to set goals, which you do because we need things to achieve, then this is something great to shoot for. Write it down, break it up, and cross it off when you’re finished!


You get out what you put in. If you’re really focused on losing weight, be sure to add some fitness fun in your schedule. Be efficient, whether that means packing up a gym bag before work, or watching your favorite show on the elliptical instead of the couch. Try to minimize excuses because they will always be there. Switch up your workouts and your perspective and enjoy the little fraction of the day you spend at the gym anyway you can. If you can convince your mind your enjoying it, you’ll keep up the habit. You got this.



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