From the Grocery Store to your Kitchen

The mother of all grocery tips: Shop only the perimeter of the grocery store. This will help keep your cart full of fresh, clean, REAL food.

My favorite leafy greens:
Spinach- 7 cal/cup
Kale- 33 cal/cup
Turnip Greens- 57 cal/cup
Mustard Greens- 21 cal/cup
No iceberg lettuce-just don’t do. Its lacks in nutrients, and I don’t want you to lack in anything! Unless it’s your only option, (and there’s always another option) so choose another leafy green.

Water tip: Whatever you weigh divide it by two, and try to get that many ounces of water in daily. I’m not sure if this is the most precise method, (*disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist) but it’s my quick and easy way to calculate what to put in my body. I take my Camelbak or Nalgene bottle with me wherever I go.(Literally, wherever) Continue reading